Call for Papers

OzSecCon is the first conference in Australia focused specifically on physical security research and offensive/defensive techniques. Talks will be on average 30-60 minutes long.

We aim to bring the openness to share information found in conferences of the information security industry to a different crowd.


Please fill out the Google forms below to submit talk or workshop proposal.



Submissions close March 31st 2019.

Talk topics

We are looking for presenters to talk on a range of topics in an informal environment amongst their peers.

In the hacker-spirit of things we’re after submissions that hold great technical detail and/or provide a critical view at an aspect or technology within the domain of physical security.

So, some topic ideas:

If your topic isn’t listed here but relates to physical security, please submit anyway and we will be happy to review it.

Submissions that have nothing to do with physical security will be rejected.

Call for Workshops

In addition to traditional ‘talks’ (like at most other conferences), OzSecCon will have hands-on content.

We are looking for people to run workshops. These can run anywhere between an hour to the full course of the conference.

Some workshop topic ideas are as follows:

If you require financial assistance in order to run such a workshop (eg. to purchase a large number of key blanks and files to teach impressioning techniques) please let us know in your submission and we’ll try to help you out.